Psychological Services

Assessment & Testing

My primary goals during a comprehensive psychological evaluation are to characterize the child’s strengths and identify any relevant diagnoses while delivering a report with individualized recommendations in an efficient manner. During a comprehensive evaluation I utilize evidence-based assessment procedures, and directly engage the child, parents, and authorized parties, in order to create a complete diagnostic picture of the child.

I conduct:

  • Autism evaluations, including the use of the ADOS-2 (a gold-standard instrument in autism assessment).

  • ADHD evaluations

  • Educational assessments that identify learning differences

  • Mood assessments. 


I conduct assessments through Meghan Barlow and Associates in Rocky River, OH. Email or call to schedule.

The Early Childhood Behavioral Clinic

I am the Clinical Director of the Early Childhood Behavioral Clinic at  Meghan Barlow & Associates. 

  • Identify Autism Spectrum Disorder in children under the age of 5 years. 

  • Assessment completed in 1-2 appointments

  • Families receive feedback within the week (same day, in some cases)

Heather has also completed the Advanced Training program for Early Start Denver Model. She is currently working towards certification as an ESDM provider (there are not currently any certified providers in OH). She offers the following interventions based on the principals and interventions of Early Start Denver Model for children 1-4 years old with autism spectrum disorder and their families. 

- Skills assessment and development of treatment objectives and learning steps based on the Early Start Denver Model format. 

- Twice weekly in-home appointments, providing 1:1 intervention with the child for 1.5 hours, following the treatment plan, utilizing interventions based on Early Start Denver Model. 

- Parent-training 1-2 times a week, in-home, in the office, or remotely via videoconferencing, utilizing the ESDM parent guide "An Early Start for Your Child with Autism"

- Parent groups open to 3 parent-child dyads at a time, to practice implementing intervention strategies in a group format. 



I provide consultation to local schools, organizations, mental health agencies about autism, adhd, emotional difficulties, behavioral interventions, and strategies for success. Email or call to discuss how I might be able to help.


Training & Workshops

I provide parent-oriented and professional workshops on a wide variety of topics, including interventions for autism, ADHD, and behavioral difficulties. Please contact me to discuss the needs of your organization and how I might be able to help.