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Autism Assessment 

An autism assessment can feel like a large undertaking for many families. Dr. Dukes-Murray encourages you to ask questions throughout the process, as we want to be as transparent as possible. Each person is different and while our evaluations begin from a standard process, we understand that something may come up that requires flexibility in the process. Autism assessments can be tailored to assess toddlers through adults. During an autism assessment, Dr. Dukes-Murray utilizes evidence-based assessment procedures, such as the ADOS-2, as well as clinical interviews and other standardized measures of autism traits, mood symptoms, and behavioral, cognitive, and academic assessment to get a better understanding of the child’s strengths, areas for growth, and overall presentation. Dr. Dukes-Murray gathers information that allows for identification of autism (if present), as well as differential diagnosis of other possible behavioral, cognitive, or mood/anxiety difficulties, such as ADHD and/or anxiety. Additionally, measures can be included that allow for identification of learning disorders (if present) in school-age children. Dr. Dukes-Murray devotes her clinical attention to every client to get as best an understanding of the client as possible. The recommendations put forward in the evaluation are specific to each client with the goal of helping the client make progress with whatever difficulties are identified. Dr. Dukes-Murray conducts autism assessments through Meghan Barlow and Associates in Rocky River, OH. Assessments are private pay. Email or call to schedule a 15-minute phone consultation to see if an assessment with Dr. Dukes-Murray is the right next step.


Dr. Dukes-Murray provides professional workshops on a wide variety of topics, including interventions for autism, ADHD, and behavioral difficulties. Please explore the resources page, as well as the Straightforward Psychology website to get a better idea of some of the trainings. Please reach out to discuss the professional development or training needs of your organization.


Dr. Dukes-Murray consults with parents and professionals about autism, ADHD, and interventions. Dr. Dukes-Murray completed the advanced training program for Early Start Denver Model (an evidence-based early intervention for young children with autism that includes a strong parent component). Dr. Dukes-Murray has also completed training in the RUBI program, an evidence-based program to help parents learn to make changes to decrease challenging behaviors their children with autism may demonstrate. Dr. Dukes-Murray is available remotely to consult with and coach parents of children with autism in making behavioral progress and changing behavior guided by these and other intervention types, via videoconferencing. Dr. Dukes-Murray also consults with schools, organizations, mental health agencies about autism, ADHD, emotional difficulties, behavioral interventions, and strategies for success. Email or call to learn more.

Autism Assessment
Autism Training
Autism Consultation
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